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PowerBroker Identity Services allows you to leverage a single identity store, Active Directory, to secure Unix, Linux, and Mac providing users with a simplified sign-on experience. Many complex enterprise networks have turned to the PowerBroker Identity Services to unify:

  • Active Directory for Unix, Linux, & Mac Lower the cost of managing identities and policy enforcement on Unix, Linux, & Mac by leveraging the investment in Active Directory. Works for VMware ESX/ESXi, as well!
  • Group Policy for Unix, Linux, and Mac – PowerBroker for Identity Services extends the powerful Group Policy feature of Active Directory to non-Windows platforms. This makes it easy to have a consistent security and configuration policy across your heterogeneous environment.
  • Single Sign-on – When Active Directory and Kerberos are leverage for authentication on Unix, Linux, & Mac this lowers the cost of administration and simplifies the end user experience. For on-premise or cloud servers.
  • Directory Consolidation – Simple migration from other authentication methods to a single enterprise directory. Join Unix, Linux, & Mac machines to Active Directory and migrate users & groups.
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