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Looking for Ways To Audit Google Apps Usage in Your Environment? Look No Further! 

PowerBroker Auditor for Google Apps is a free community download that helps you audit Google Apps usage and changes by collecting and reporting on Google Apps audit events.  Events can be retrieved live for immediate review or collected on a desired schedule for historical reporting.  Event types can be filtered or the report can be exported to Excel, PDF and Word for further filtering, sorting and sharing.  

PowerBroker Auditor for Google Apps allows you to track and report on a wide range of changes, the following is an excerpt of only some of the available change types:

  • Users, Groups and Roles 
  • Email, Calendar and Chat 
  • Organization, Domains and Sites
  • Document Revisions
  • Mobile Access

Simplify and automate your auditing and reporting with PowerBroker Auditor for Google Apps!