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Organizations spend a significant amount of money on cyber security, but more often than not they don't focus on the right areas; internal threats. A key theme of security is Know Thy System & User.  An organization cannot protect what it does not know about. Very often organizations focus their energy on advanced techniques but fail to build a proper privilege foundation that is required for success.  Only by implementing least privilege, asset identification, configuration management and change control can an organization build security, inside and outside, that works. 

In this engaging talk, Dr. Cole will discuss actionable items that show how to build a defendable network from the inside out. Find out what the top organizations are doing in setting up least privilege and access to properly protect their organizations.

Speaker: Dr. Eric Cole, SANS Instructor

    Know Thy User: An Actionable Guide to Privileged Account Management
    w/ SANS, Dr. Eric Cole

    Join Us: September 16, 2014 | 10am PT / 1pm ET
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