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The Easiest, Most Secure SaaS Vulnerability Assessment Available

BeyondSaaS™ is a cloud-based, external vulnerability assessment solution that gives you an attacker’s-eye view of your IT perimeter. The solution conducts fast, affordable security assessments of your public-facing network infrastructure and web applications, while delivering straightforward and accurate reports. As a result, you’re able to quickly identify perimeter vulnerabilities, clearly understand their potential impact, and decisively act to mitigate threats.

BeyondSaaS simplifies the entire vulnerability management process, enabling you to quickly
identify vulnerabilities and fixes with maximum security and minimal hassle. You simply specify
a target IP range or web application, and BeyondSaaS handles the rest.

  • Get fast, comprehensive and accurate scanning capabilities developed over BeyondTrust
    Retina’s 15-year history
  • Conduct multiple vulnerability assessments after a simple, one-time registration process
  • Access your account using Microsoft Live credentials with two-factor authentication
  • Leverage single sign-on via cloud-synced Active Directory and other identity providers
  • Eliminate software and hardware deployment and configuration
  • Manage job scheduling, results and reports through a highly secure, encrypted web interface
  • Rely on a Microsoft Azure multi-tenant architecture with extensive backend security measures
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